Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I might start blogging again, whatcha think about that, pups?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Friday, November 27, 2009

Andandand here's me with one of my purchases...

It's aliveeeeee...

...and by "it" I mean me!

My surgeries went a-okay. Here's me as soon as I got home. See how weird I look? Mom says that's 'cause of the anesthesia. I don't like anesthesia muchos.

We're still waiting for the pathology results on the bumpy thing they removed so paws crossed those results are normal.

I was sooooooo out of it the past few super ultra mega out of it. I ONLY wanted to snuggle and sleep on the couch OR go outside and leave eight million peemails all over the front yard!

Like I said though, I'm all better now. I went back to the doctor and got my bandage changed this morning and then I'll go back on Wednesday for one more change and theeen a few days later I'll get to have these stupid itchy stitches taken out!!!!!

So to celebrate me being all un-anesthesia'd, I took Mom shopping for Black Friday. Look at all the goodies we got!!!! Hehehe.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I needs some helps.

Soooo...I haven't bloggied for a long time but I need some help.

See, I have a weird cyst bump thing on my front paw that is driving me CRAZY!!! So I'm gonna have surgeries on the 23rd to remove it and then they're gonna cleans my teeth and take some x-rayz of my knees and hips.

My mama is SUPER worried about my surgeries. She thinks I'll chew out my stitches. And while she's already checked that the vet lady won't be using Ace (Acepromazine) on me, she's still realllllllly worried. So this is where I need the helps.

What can I do to make my mama realize I'm a big girl and a tuff cookie and I'll be just fine? What did you do to your hoomans before you had surgeries to make them calm down? Oh and what treats taste extra yummiez after surgeries? Hm, hm?

My inquiring Gucci girl mind wants to know.