Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I am so so so out of the loop with all my blog packers and it makes me super sad!

Here are some updates in Gucci's World-
-I had a fantastic Christmas with my l'il bro Bernie and our pawrents and their pawrents and our uncle Pete
-I looooooooooove my Mom's Mom and Dad...Mom's Dad has been giving me lots more pets lately and I love it!!
-I brought in 2009 with rawhides and gave my Mom a kiss at midnight
-My Mom's hockey team is soooo good (MVP! MVP!!) and I've been supporting them tons! So much for hating hockey hehe.

-The USPS messed up my Mom's stamps order so our cards are just being mailed out this week but you will get them soon, pawromise!


I'm really super sorry I haven't been around but I hope you still wanna be my friend (especially my Chefster, I'm sorry I have been neglecting you, my boxerboyfriend, but I will make it up to you hehehehe ::guccigirlgiggle::).

Leave me a comment and give me some updates because googlereader says I have like 2398472304982374 posts to read and I gets too sleepy...zzzzzzzz. ♥