Monday, October 27, 2008

I got a paward from my boooyfriendddddddddd.

My man Cheffiecakes totally just gave me an award!!
Here are the silly rules:
put the award on your blog;
put a link to the blogfriend who gave it to you;
choose 10 other blogfriends to give award to; and
put links of nominees and post comments to your nominees.

Thank ya darlin' boxerboy 'o mine. Extra kissies for those awesome ribbons you won!!

I'm gonna nominate Khyra, Gus & Indy, Rocky [of Hudson Furkid fame], Thor, Lorenza, The Desert Pups, The OP Pack, Charlie Daniels, Ben, and my new boxerbuddy Rocky!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Stupid costume nonsense.

I'm sure you are all familiar with Maverick the Pirate's ridiculously awesome costume. Well, Mom and her friends were talking about pirates tonight before the hockey game. For whatever reason Mom brought up Maverick's costume and her friends remembered my Mom's pirate vermont teddy bear and soooo...yeah. Somehow I wound up in Mom's striped shirt and the bear's accessories? I refused the boots- they look much better in the background!

Love eyepatchy for my Chefy.
Save me??

Reaping the rewards of quasi-cooperation.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I made a new enemy.

A new Petsmart was having a Grand Opening pawty today.

I was excited to get some new stuffiez and treaties until I noticed this guy guarding the door...
Checkout this zoomed in version! Don't I look tuff??!?

As far as I'm concerned, he may as well have been wearing a squirrel suit.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Paward 'n stuff.

I had to stop mid-roach to write a l'il post because I saw something cool!

That bilingual gentlemandog Thor just gave me this paward!!!

Now it's time to hold Mommy's arm hostage mwahahahaaa!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Okay, I'm sorry...

Hockey has started and GMU released their basketball schedule and Mom's working tons and totally hogging her lappytop so that means no time for your girl Gucci to blog it up!!

I owe all you blog packers a post with all my birthday stuffs [I did get your card Gaia!]. Super ultra mega pawesome thanks to all the pups and hammies who came to my birthday pawty! We had a lot of fun and my Chefster and I spent some alone time together which was really cute and fun. He is oh so say the least hehe.

Anyways, I HAD to blog tonight because Mom took me to the dog park late tonight. Here I am drinking by street light!
On our way back home we ran into Duke and his Mommy. Duke's a boxerboy puppy who just got noootoured a couple weeks ago. He's cute but definitely no Chef! Anyways, my Mom was asking his Mom if she knew of a dog walker...uhhh...Mom...that's kinda like your title. Dog walker, dog play-with-er, dog feeder, dog snuggler, dog gots a lot of titles actually. Stupid Duke's Mom gave my Mom the phone number of a guy named Nate. I didn't like this idea...then I heard about how Nate takes Duke on twenty minute walks outside and then spends ten minutes inside hanging out and giving him pets and snackies. Hm. This Nate guy might not be so bad afterall...I sure would miss Mommy's afternoons walkies though.

Speaking of walkies...I snuck onto Mom's paypal account. Apparently she's been on an etsy shopping spree!! She ordered me a fleece, a winter coat and she had this made...

It's a leash rack that looks just like me!! The artist/crafty lady Amy even got my flashy nose stripe on the painting! See...

She does custom leash racks soOo if you can steal a plastic gold card from the hoomans check our her shoppe!

Once my coats arrive I'll do a fashion show! I also have some videos from my walk in the woods this weekend to post! Someday Mom will stop working and I'll stop napping long enough to post for you pups.

Friday, October 3, 2008


For those of you pups who may not remember, here are a couple photos (you should be able to click on a picture for a larger version) from our night out at Love Nightclub in DC!

I passed out but Chef just kept going with the shots!
Rusty and Mack jumped on the couch to get in this piccie!

Checkout Clover, Lorenza and those hammies dancin'
it up on the bar...and that Petey, always such a ladies man.

I'm sure everyone heard about Toby being arrested by now. No worries!! Some sneaky pups have helped him escape!!!

DWB Secret Service Agents Scooter and Maverick stand
guard while Ben and Chef...well...boys will be boys!

Were you wondering what happened to the squirrel pinata? I know I was!!

Yup! That's Rambo and Rusty at work!

A couple of pups have asked how I cure my hangovers. There's a tasty bevvie called Urban Detox. Works everytime!

I don't know how many more puparazzi pics are out there, but if I find anymore, I'll let you blog packers know!

More of that stupid sport tonight.

I hope you pups are still hanging out in DC with me because tonight Mom does to another one of those stupid Capitals' games. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I'm gonna try to get on Mom's lappytop tomorrow and upload some of the pictures coz right now blogger won't let me. Between the hockey game and blogger being mean, it's just not lookin' like a good day for your girl Gucci.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

This boxergirl is gigglicious!

Thanks for all the birthday cards and emails and stuffs!! I'll post 'em once the crazy pawty stuff calms down. I saw sooo many of my friends on my walkies yesterday and got a pawesome new toy [not to mention all your blogpackers that are in town] that I'm still napping and recovering. The pawty continues tonight for any doggies who are still around!! We can play some Sarah Pawlin debate drinkin' game...Desert Pups, do I need to go on a beer run??

Ohhhhhh and for inquiring puppy minds, my super handsome boyfriend Chef's pawesome Mommy Linda found this piccie snapped by the puparazzi!!

Can't somedoggies have a l'il privacy for their first kiss?

Rocky, you were invited, in fact everydog was invited...c'mon over and get in on the fun!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Welcome to DC!

Here's a picture of my friends relaxing on the mall before my pawty!! Chef and I aren't in it comment.

There probably won't be any puparazzi pics for a few days buuut I'll make sure I get 'em posted, don't worry blogpack!


I let Mommy sleep through her alarm so I could get a few extra hours snugglin' with her hehehe. We went on a l'il run and then we went to the dog park where my boxerpals Laila and Cassius were already playing. It stormed pretty bad last night so there were lotsa fun puddles to run through. Theeen I ate a hearty Blue Buffalo breakfast. Mom's about to give me a mani-pedi so I'll be pretty for when my Cheffie gets here tonight. Look what that charming devil got me for my birthday...

Cheffie will be here soon and so will the Desert Pups and their plane of party pooches!! Can't wait!!