Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Gucci's Mom Hijack Action Post.

Gucci fell asleep with her blogger logged in, so I'm hijacking her blog to post these pictures of her snuggled up with Oreo, the miniature pony.

Yes, she fell asleep with Oreo kicking her face. The last stuffie she snuggled with like this didn't fair so well the next day. Thus, I fear for Oreo's safety tomorrow. :X


I got mail!!!


OMD!!! I'm soOo excited! I couldn't pick which one to model first so I put 'em all on for ya!!!!

Do you have a favorite collar of your own??!?

Monday, July 28, 2008

First documented stuffie kill.

I blame Mommy's obsession with shark week for this post...


[I was actually pouting but Mom took this shot without
telling me and I wound up lickin mah faceeee...ooopsie!!]

I had so much fun snuggin' with you yesterday. I need a Chef replica stuffie to snuggles wif now. I promise not to kill it. ::puppypoutyboxerface:: :X


Dinnertime dramaramaaaaa.

So I had a super good long walk and after lounging around for a l'il Mom decided it was dinnertime!! YAAY!!!

First I gots to explain, Mom feeds me in the crate because she thinks that'll make me like it more [pffft yaaah rite Mom] and the crate is on the other side of the room from the water [see photo below, I am modeling how I drink water].

Sooo I was eating and then I went to get a drink and when I went back to get some more foodstuffs who did I find in my crate??? L'il Zoe!!! I barked at him and then he went all kinds of super crazyyy and so I was like, "Yo dude you tryin' to box?? I'm undefeated yakno!!? It's TKO time babeh!" and then Momma snatched him up and he scratched her arm really bad and then Zoe got yelled at by HIS Mom and I got scolded too and now I'm not even hungry.


Poor Momma's arm [oh and she says that the reason her bed isn't made is because I always jump on it and roll around on the covers and so there's no point to trying anymore...uhhhh EXCUSES!!!].

Poor squirrel who got stepped all over during our l'il rumble.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Quick update on the new stuffie situation,

Hehehehe my canine cohort in comandeering, Maverick the Pirate just gave me my very FIRST award!!

The rules of this award are:
Add the logo of the award to my blog; Add a link to who awarded it to me; Nominate at least seven other blogs; Add links to those blogs on my blog; Leave a message for my nominees on their blogs.

I know a loooot of you already have this award so if I give it to you that just means your bloggeh is double-y brillante [but ya don't gots to give it to anyone else again]!!!

I'm giving it to My Mommy, Morgan, The Puppies, The Pack over at Life Inside the Fence, Lenny, my girlpal Gaia, and the oh so handsome Mr. Chef. CONGRATS!!

Time to go wakeup the rest of the hoomans in this house!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Okay okay okay...

The other day I said that my Mom's Dad doesn't like me.

Well that may not be true because while on vacation, he played some games on the boardwalk and totally won these pawesome stuffies for me and I totally get 'em on Saturdayyy!!!

Lotsa good news! [Updated]

Just got home from the vet!
I have been spayed already and I lost 2lbs!!

Mom says that means she doesn't get in trouble for giving me treats!
She also said that doesn't mean I get more treats. :[

They did a pee test to make sure I'm not on any banned substances before the paw-limpics. I totally passed that with flyinggggggg colors. They also said I have no infections and that my Mommy is "doing a great job" with me!!

YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! To celebrate I'm gonna go box with Uncle Erik and then take a nappy with my squirrel.

xxxoo's for all!
love, gucci

UPDATE: I got caught trying to bring squirrel on the couch at Mom's Mom's house but I charmed her 'n she let me snuggle up with her...but no squirrels allowed...sighhhhhhhhhhh. Can't win 'em all.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I can blog AND picture message.

Kevin just sent this to me:

I mean, a few words are missing but it's still pretty awesome.

Tomorrow I'm getting my manicure at the vet. I don't mind going there, riding in the car is so cool and everyone at the vet is so nice and I might get to see some of my rescue boxer buddies!!! I'm also getting checked out to see if I was spayed because Mommy is worried I may not actually be spayed and may be in heat?? ...I thought being hot was a good thing. Guess not. :\

Also, it's storming like crazy here. My home is around where it says "Alexandria" just a l'il south of Washington.

It's scary stuff.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


After talking to some boxer parents from the meetup group my Mommy is in the process of switching me from Iams Naturals to BLUE BUFFALO!! We're hoping it helps with my allergies and makes my coat nice 'n soft 'n snuggley.

Who knew 1.) Buffalos were blue; and 2.) they taste so darn good!!!

Only bad news: I'm not gonna get as much food now. :(

What kinda foodstuffs do you eat??

Monday, July 21, 2008


Mom just ordered three new collars for me!!!*

Good news: Two are not pink [sup street cred????];
Bad news: One is pink.

Oh well. She said she's gonna get a black leash to match the non-pink collars. Guess I can go along with that...

* S
orry Gaia, she didn't get 'em from your Etsy suggestions, she stuck with Cozy Critter but thanks for the tips!! :P

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Home, home on the range [ the apartment]

The other post was getting waaaay too long so I'm starting a new one for Sunday.

So today was kinda uneventful. Ohhhh...I forgot to say that last night I had my first ever Greenie!!! Those things are so yummy.

Back to today though...mehhhhhhhh I can't stop yawning long enough to talk about it. Pretty much, we went on walks 'n stuff, Mom did some shopping, then we ate, then we came home and Zoe wasn't very happy to see me.

So instead of playing chase with him, I just grabbed my squirrely and starting posting. I'm done with that now so I'm gonna try to get Mom to give me another Greenie before nappage. Wish me luck!!

What a weekend!

I'm really super tired but I'm sure you guys have been wondering what I've been up to the past few days sooo I'll blog for your benefit before taking a l'il siesta.

My Mom's Mom and Dad were going on vacation for a week [must be nice!] starting Saturday sooo we snuck over there Friday morning and gave Mom's Mom a really cute wake up call and I jumped all over her bed and licked her face and made her laugh tons. It was pawesomeee!! Then I played with Uncle Erik while Mom went to work. He took me to the playground! I went down the slide and we played tic-tac-toe!!! Later Mommy came home and we went for walks 'n all that good stuff.

Saturday was so sad...everyone was leaving me! I didn't want Mom's Mom or Dad [even though he doesn't like me muchos] to leave for the beach. Erik didn't want to play with me and Mommy was taking foreveeeeeeeer to get ready so I just sat in my favorite spot and hoped someone cool would come visit.

Then finally Mom was ready and we went to the Reston Dog Park!!!!! I was so excited because I had never been there before. As soon as I got outta the car and saw the park I knew it was going to be lotsa fun...THERE WERE FOUR OTHER BOXERS THERE!!! Two dark brindle and one light brindle and one fawn OHOHOH and guess what??? They were all boxerboys hehehehe! One of their Dad's told my Mom about some boxer meetups in the area and so I think I might get to make lotsa new friends soon. I was really well behaved at the park except for when a wire terrier named Geo tried to box me!!! He kinda thought he was bigger and more tuff than he really was and our parents had to pull us apart...but we were both totally not hurt and Geo's dad made him sit next to me and be nice. He really was a cute l'il dog [he looked just like Lenny and also kinda looked like a puppy version of my airedale pals]...I just can't turn down a boxing challenge. After the park Mom and I sat under a tree and drank lotsa water cozz we were both super dehydrated.

Ohhh later on Saturday Uncle Erik and Mom and I went for a nature walk which was awesome because it was really hot out and I got to splash around in the creek and stare at fishies. Mom gave me permission to eat one but those guys were waaaaay too quick. After the nature walk we came home and ate dinner and I totalllllly fell asleep. While I was dreaming Mom snapped a picture of my polkadot paw. Ignore the awful nails...I'm long overdue for a manicure.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Fuming Friday

Okay, so I knooow lotsa DWB's have themed weekday posts and I'm starting my own coz I'm new and I'm 66.2lbs 'n stuff. FUMING FRIDAY!!!! Aka...ranting Friday but everyone wants themes that start with the same letter. I AM A BOXER NOT A PIT BULL!!! Here is some evidence [Pit Bull in photo on left*; Gucci in photo on right] I collected being super super stealth whilst Mom was sleeping early this mornin'...

I love all my Pit Bull buddies but people are generally scared of 'em and it makes me so sad when people jump out of the way when I'm out for a walk. I just want to give out kisses 'n whatnot. :/

*All Pit Bull images were found via google image search sooo I apologize in advance if photos are not of pitbulls or if they are copyrighted and whatnot. Lemme know if you want your photo credited or removed and I'll do so ASAP!!! :]

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Heehe tonight I got a biiiig treat!!

Sooo Mommy was feeling much better by around lunchtime but I wanted to sleep more soo she let me nap while she ran errands 'n stuff. Then she came come and we played with a pawesome squirrel toy and we played football a l'il [::coughcoug:: hey Lenny, football totally needs to be in the paw-limpics ::cough::] and laterrrr Miss Ashley came home.

Miss Ashley is my Mommy's roommate and she has a super cute l'il yokie dude named Zoe [she had the name first]!

Anywaysssssss...Zoe [a picture of him begging tonight is over on the right side] turned six last week and someone gave him some snackie treats that are waaaaay too big for him so Miss Ashley said I could have 'em!! Her and Mommy said they are like doggy taquitos! I have no clue what taquitos are coz I don't have any chihuahua friends yet but they sure sounded delish and mannnn oh mannnnnnn those treats did not disappoint!!

Everyone ask your hoomans...does this snackie look like a taquito to yooou?????

Despite having his own rawhide, Zoe really wanted in on my doggy taquito action...

So sorry Zoe, 1) Ashley said you couldn't have any; and 2) it was waaaay too delish to share. :X

Best day.

I just got home from like an extra thirty minutes at the dog park which can only mean one thing...MOMMY IS STAYING HOME FROM THE WORKOFFICEJOB THING!!

Update: Mommy's sick and so we don't get to play much.

She said she has a frog in her throat and he's scratching her. I've never had a frog anywhere in me sooo I can't relate but I bet that doesn't feel good. I just told that frog to get oooooout because I wanna play all day long!! We gotta work on our trickies and training and stuff for the Paw-Limpics...goin' for gold!!!!!!!!!!

Guess I'll just nap until the frog starts listenin'.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Uh-oh for me too.

Ohhh I love the internet!!

After carefully studying my new buddy Mack's "Uh-Oh" post, I was able to put on my extra adorable face and get Mommy to not be mad at me for peeing in my crate while she was at work today. Well, get Mommy to not be super duper mad at me anyways. She was still kinda mad.

She's also mad because she was trying to surprise me with a three-piece cratewear set from Pet Dreams, and they sent her a stupid sleep-ezzzz dog bed instead. Uhh duhh I already have two dog beds and a Dora the Explorer blankie...I don't need another bed peoples!! So much for that awesome surprise. Thought that counts Mom, totally thought that counts.

She came home grumbling about people on the fourth floor being jerks. I think that means fourth floor at workofficejob thing. Poor Mommy's having a tough day. Maybe she'll have a beer and give me a few sippies!!

I almost forgot!! My Uncle Erik was telling Mom today about some boxer named Oscar that he's seen on youtube [ps Cairo he loves watching your youtube videos...he wants a boxer just like cloning boxers legal?? Seriously you're like my hero or somethin']. Does this mystery Oscar dog have a blog? I need another boxer idol.

I almost forgot again!!!
Um, I totallllllly got kisses and a l'il boxing sesh from Prince today!!!!!! He's not on the internets but he's this really handsome fawn boxerboy. He makes my tail go so super crazy. Too bad his Dad's not my Mom's type. Hrmpfh.

Hey, I'm not afraid of heights!

When I moved to my new home everyone was kinda scared because I had never lived someplace that was upstairs. Dianne from the rescue didn't think I would like being out on the balcony deck thing at all. Well, that balcony deck thing is where mom eats popsicles and if I want to steal the last lick I totally have to go out there. It's also a prime bird stalking zone [totally what I was doing in the picture above].

Here's one of the pretty sky...

A here's one of me being cute...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I have to be sneakier.

Mom totally caught me about to blog!

Time for a new collar or two!

My mom loves looking at all the pretty collars at Cozy Critter and I think she's finally gonna order me a few! I'm so excited!!!

She really really likes these collars:

butbutbut I really reallllllllly like these:

I love chasing bumblebees so there's nothing better than some bees on my collar, rightright?? Oh and the dice will totally help build my street cred. I need to work on my street cred and it's tough to do when I'm alway wearing pink...gangstas don't wear pink mom.