Saturday, March 7, 2009

Today has been pawesome!

The weather here is supersuper nice again. Sooooo super nice that I didn't want Mom to miss out on any of it so I woke her up at 6:30am!! Itsok, I let her take a nap after breakfasts. After the nap we went for some loooooooooong walkies action and guess what?!? OMD! The baseball field wasn't being used so I got to run around the entiiiiiiiiire field. Only for five minutes though, but I think that was more than enough time. Here's proof hehe...
The reason I only got to run around for five minutes was because if I ran around for any longer I was gonna be late for my appointment at the Fur Factory! Yup, your girl Gucci has a groomer now because I don't like Mom giving me manicures. She should give me treats, not manicures! While I was getting my spaw treatments Mom went and hungout with my bro Bernie! I'm sure he missed me.

Sooo now I'm a pretty perfumed pupster. Seriously I smelll soooooooooooooooooo good. I bet my Chefster can smell me all the way in Canada...that's how strong and yummiez this perfume is. Momma is loving it and the squirrels are staying away, as they should!!

So we came home and I deemed it naptime. I don't know why Mom put this stupid green blanket on the couch. Um. There's no pillow on that spot. Silly hooman. Would she lay where there was no pillow? Doubt it!

Sweet dreams blogpack!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

I feel pretty.

1.) The l'il hooman boy who called me a cow's dog is super nice. He tells me all the latest gossip. I'll try to get a picture of him one of these days. No worries though, he is no where near as handsome as my Cheffie Weffie!

2.) Apparently I look good for my age. Three people the past two days have said " she a puppy??!?". Mom said next time she's just gonna go along with it.

3.) It's finally getting kinda warm here which means I get super extra awesome long walks!! This morning I got a 45 minute one! I told Mom that I wanted to pretend like I was on top model so she took some pictures for my portfolio.

I was kinda camera shy at first.

Then I made my best pouty puppy face.

Sniffing for squirrels.

On the prowl.

Mom calls this area 'squirrel alley'.

See my lady-like paw whilst I ready
myself to pounce on a squirrel-y?

Here's a close-up hehehe.