Sunday, August 31, 2008

Well, well, well...

I didn't get to go to the rescue, but I did manage to distract Mom and make her forget her camera before she left hehehe. HOWEVER, I forgot about her camera phone thing.

(Gucci's Mom here, these two were saved from a kill shelter in Southern Virginia, named Sonny & Cher, they are such a cute pair and are kept in the same crate because they are desperately attached to eachother. They snuggled up together in the crate and it was cuteness to die for! It's also crazy that there's no food agression between the two of them, especially since they are each atleast 20lbs underweight.)

Mom said these were the only two pictures she took there because I'm much prettier than any of the other boxers and she said she didn't play with any of 'em or give any treaties out.

mmMhmm! I sniffed her like crazy and knew she was lying. I smelled a 5.5 month old flashy brindle boxerboy named Vox, a young fawn pup named Mollie, a chillax fawn named Houdini (Mom says he escapes for any crate you put him in), a crazyyy boxerboy named Chance who barks and barks and barks. Oh oh and I smelled a sweetheart brindle named Belle...Mom and Uncle Erik said she reminded her of me...NO WAAAAY MOM I'M THE BEST BRINDLE BOXERGIRL!!!

Oh well. Mom said she might take me to the petstore today. I've been telling her I need to do some shopping for my boyfriend.

Friday, August 29, 2008

I heard a rumor today.

The lady that runs the boxer rescue Mom found me at is having double knee surgery soon! Mom talked to her and so tomorrow Mom and Uncle Erik are going over to help take care of the pups and stuffs and I DON'T GET TO GO!!! Mom said I would be a distraction and that I might get jealous of her spending so much time working with other dogs. YA THINK??!?

So instead I get to sit at home and wait and wait and wait and then sniff her like crazy and then look at all the pictures on her cammie and be jealous.

Sooooooooooooo HEY MOM!!!! I'm gonna be jealous no matta what so you should probably just take me...'specially since I heard about Dianne's new puppy! Hehehe Dianne is the lady who runs the rescue and one of her own boxers, Axle, is really sick (cancer) and his body isn't liking the treatments at all and one of Dianne's breeder friends gave her a boxer puppy. His name is Vox and he is 5.5 mos old and a sweetheart and I want to meet him!!!@#!


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

There's a party on television!

Mom and I are livin' it up watching the Democrats' biiiig fun party in Denver!! I wish we could be there...that convention center place would be SO FUN to run around. Maybe we'll have the next boxer meetup in Denver heheheee.

Okay, so the party wasn't as happenin' as I thought it was gonna be. Maybe if I got beeeer like Mommy has it'd be more fun. Oh well. BARKS FOR BARACK!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Mom's goin' to work. [UPDATED]

BOOOO TO THAT!! I tried so hard to be extra cute so she'd stay home with me. I even kept her pillow warm so she could snuggle up in bed without any problems.

Can't believe that plan didn't work. Oh well. Here are videos from the boxer meetup, YAY!!

This is my favorite of the videooos...I get puppy kisses, boxing action and a take down!

Here's one of me shortly after we got to the meetup.

There are a few others posted on my newly created youtube.

UPDATE: OHHHH AND there was this lady doing kinda professional action-y shots at the meetup and here are some of her puparazzi shots [my favorite is the last one...I was not a fan of that boxergirl at all]!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

What a busy day!!

Sooo today I went to my second boxer meetup!! This time it was indoors, which was pawesomely nice. Mom tried to get pictures of me playing but that didn't work out too well, checkout her lack of photog skillz...

She says she got some videos and will be posting those later. I just hope she's a better videographer person.

After the meetup we went back to Mom's Mom and Dad's house where I had lotsa fun sneaking around looking for snacks. I even put on an apron to try and practice my cooking for Mr. Chef hehehe. I think I need a smaller size apron though.

I was so exhausted I just flopped down and didn't wanna move.

I hope you guys all had as much fun of a weekend as I did!

Friday, August 22, 2008


FIRST!!!!! Look over on the right...

SECOND!!! Last night I really wanted to see what it was like to sleep under Mom's covers sooo I snuck under there and fell asleep before she could stop me or make me move!

THIRD!!! There was a bobcat on the news! I forget where he was, but he sure looked fun. Then it was time for sports. Then I totally busted Mom for snooping on my television watching.

Oh la la, look at my shiny coat!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mom's home today!

We went for a looooooong walk this morning and a run in the park and on the way home I met another boxer!!

There are soOo many of us living in this apartment complex: Duke, Laila, Cassius, Toasty, Emery [or something like that, Mom was too busy looking at his owner to remember the handsome pup's name grr...stupid Mom], Prince, and me...your girl Gucci!!

Good thing the complex has it's own dog park! Mom needs to step up her game and schedule me some playdates!

Oh, and here's me eating breakfast and making faces!!

Chef, tell your Mom we are working on getting pics for her!!


I was asked if I was a Pit bull by Mommy's neighbors tonight and a few hours later we caught this story on the local late night news.


Need I remind you,
I AM NOT A PIT BULL!!@#$%&^#

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Something has invaded my playroom!!!

Mom gets home from work, lets me out of my den, and I find out that the dog playroom has been taken over!!!

See that pile of colored stuff in the corner??

Yeah, that belongs to Zoe and me. We have a pretty sweet pile of toys, dontcha think??!?!

Here I am giving the invader a death stare, fully equipped with laser eye action.
Anddddd when said invader didn't evacuate immediately, I pouted.

Sighhhhh. Playroom, you shall be missed.

You may get a toy taken away...

...but it'll save your life.

Someone on our boxer meetup board just posted this link about Four Paws, Inc.'s 'pimple ball' dog toy (seen below).

Please tell your Moms and Dads to read the link and to take these toys away from you because I don't wanna hafta read about any of my blog pack getting hurt!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm ready for my closeup...

Attacking Mom's Mom hehehe...she was sitting on my couch afterall!!
I own this couch.


Back home at the apartment, after a good play sesh with my
buddy Moose. He's a bernese mountain dog (and isn't nearly
as handsome as my boxerboyfriend Chef giggleblushybarooo)!

Here's me being sleepy. I always sigh and grumble and
smack my lips when I'm super sleepy.

Mom went with the Nikon S210. It's 8.0 megapixels 'n stuff. She says the pics still look grainy but I think anything is better than her stupid camera phone!

Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm a boxergirl of my word.

I promised some pictures of me this doing stuff that wasn't sleeping, enjoy!

Lounging and sleeping are totally different.
This picture makes me look fat. :(

Playtime with my piggy who came all the
way from BC [thanks again pugs]!

Okay, one sleepy picture. I couldn't resist. I love snugglin my Snugga Wubba!

Alsooo...don't these low-res pictures make you mad? I'd be sooo much cuter in high-res. Or even better, on video...LIVE ACTION GUCCI WAHOOO!!! Mom's been thinkin bout buying a digi camera! Do your parents have any they do/don't recommend?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Shhh...don't tell Gucci!

Tomorrow I'm taking her to my parent's house...she has no idea [as obvious in the pouty suitcase pics above]!! She loves running up and down their stairs and basking in the sun outside while my Dad smokes cigars and boxing with my brothers...not to mention riding in the car!


Our Redskins aren't doing too well tonight, sighhhh.