Sunday, November 30, 2008

An open letter to my boxerboyfriend.

Dear CheffyWeffy,

I am sorry that my hockey team beat [read: shutout] your hockey team.

Really though...I didn't watch the game, I watched for my Mom to come home.

If it is any consolation, not only did we lose by the same score to Columbus last night but my football team just lost to Mitch and Maggie's football team.
It was a tough one to watch, but I watched nonetheless.

Please don't be mad at me darlin'!


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Today I am being thankful for Mom and the many rescues who took care of me until my Mom found me, the people who make Blue Buffalo, Santana Moss, Mom's Mom and Dad for pupsitting me, my boyfriend Cheffy, the Washington Capitals, greenies, all my DWB pals, GMU basketball, stuffies (with and without squeakers), Volkswagen vehicles, peanut butter, my new brother Bernie.

Speaking of Bernie, we had a good play sesh today!!!

Bernie told me lotsa secrets.

Mom took some low-quality videos of us and put 'em on my youtube.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Mom is a dancer.

I don't know if you pups know but my Mom is an Irish dancer. She has crazy sparkley dresses and competes for trophies. I looove when she practices because she keeps her arms down and it's the perfect time for your girl Gucci to sneak up on her for a l'il boxing action. I boxed her during all of her dances yesterday except for one...

Ohhh andddd...Mom got me new treats!! She also got me this Kong thing that I can only have in my crate but it's so so so fun that I don't mind. I actually sat in my crate working on getting the treatie unstuck for no reason yesterday. Here's proof-

Friday, November 21, 2008

Mom got surprised today.

Mom was looking for pictures of boxers named Gucci on google today to see if she could find puppy pictures of me. Well, she didn't find any puppy pictures, but Uncle Erik did find this...

There's an entry from December 2006 saying I was three then, so that means I'm five now.

Mom's sad because she thinks that means she has two less years with me. Stupid woman doesn't realize I'm immortal...does she really think she could live her life without me? I know she couldn't possibly do that...when I wake her up at 4:30am on Saturdays I know she's super happy and craving Gucci kisses. That's why I pounce on her a million times. I wouldn't do it if she didn't enjoy it so much!!

So Mom e-mailed that rescue asking if they had any information stored about me somewhere so we'll just hafta wait and see about that...I don't remember much about that place other than it's a few states away from where I am now.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

So much for liking hockey.

Woe is me. First intermission and we haven't scored yet. C'mon Caps, I want some treaties!

Whoa...whoa...whoa. What was that Mom?

No hockey game treats left?? Only training treats and crate treats?
Pffft...fineee...I didn't want to watch the game anyways! Not like I was prepared with my horseshoe and Slapshot or anything.
Whoa that commercial looks weird in the picture.

Oh and get this, the dog park where we live is closed until December 1st.


Maybe I don't hate hockey afterall.

Despite my previous posts about hating hockey, I may be changing my bark. Mostly because Mom got me a stuffie version of Slapshot. I only get Slapshot during road games or when Mom comes home from a game. He's a handsome 'n snuggly l'il fella and I LOVE HIM!

Look at my empty bed in the corner. I haven't slept there in weeks! Snuggling with Mom and kicking her if I dream of chasing squirrellies is more fun.
It looks like I'm sleeping, but I'm really not. Gotta keep an eye out for anyone putting "the biscuit in the basket."
Tonight Mommy's Capitals played in Anaheim. Actually they're still playing and that means I get to stay up past my bedtime!! YAY FOR TIMEZONES!!! Also, YAY FOR MOM GICING ME A TREAT EVERYTIME THE CAPS SCORE (so far we've got six goals...9:54 left in the third). Hehehe.

Oh yeah, do you know what this is??!?

Yup. Vanilla Milkshake. There's a man who comes to our door with 'em on occasion. Usually he brings a pizza too. I wish I had a milkshake man of my own. My Mom is being very Lisa the Mean-esque and not sharing. Not even after I've been cheering on her team. Hrmpfh.

Also, BERNIE SAYS I AM BEING LAZY WITH MY BLOG. Silly boxerboy has NO IDEA how much energy it takes to be as pretty and as cute as I am on a daily basis. Sometimes I am so exhausted there's just no energy left for your girl Gucci to post on her bloggy. SO TAKE THAT BERNSTER!

Monday, November 17, 2008


I forgot to mention before that l'il bro Bernie was at the meetup too, but he was too busy getting hugs from strangers to hangout with me. Anyways, so far there's only been one meet up picture posted that I can use as evidence, but it's a pretty good one. Here's a bunch of pups playing.

If you look close in the upper right corner you'll see Mom and I being pretty and then there's ...THE DEVIL DOG!!
I did some investigating while Mom was at work and discovered that annoying pup's name is Dallas. Here's a photo from his meetup profile.

Suddenly it alllllllllllllll makes sense.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Shoulda been a fun morning.

There was an indoor boxer meetup today. We got there and I started running around and having fun. Then some annoying people with insecure dogs showed up and another boxergirl and I tried to box with them a bunch 'o times and theeen this stupid spazzz puppy showed up and she was really annoying [mom said her mom was five billion times as annoying as the puppy] and I tried to 'play' with her and then I would up in timeout.

Now I am going to take a nap because I kept my tail wagging the entire time I was in timeout and I'm super exhausted. I will provide photo evidence of how mean my mom was and my timeout action after my siesta!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

What a beautiful morning!

I woke Mom up at 6:00 am for walkies and my breakfast. Then we went back to sleep. Then I woke her up at 8:48 am for more walkies and her breakfast. Then we sat outside on the balcony and I tried to talk to her but silly woman didn't understand what I was saying.

Maybe you can understand? It takes a l'il while before I start talking but I look cute in the video so I'm sure you won't mind waiting for it!

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Today I had some playtime with my l'il bro Bernie. It's funny because I'm his big sis but he's bigger than me and his Dad [Uncle Erik] is Mom's l'il brother and Erik is bigger than his big sis too!

Mom drove us over there in her new 2009 Volkswagen Tiguan. It has a turbo engine that Mom likes but doesn't really showoff when I'm in the car, which is good because usually I sleep in the car. Not today though.
That's not a funny shaped headrest, it's your girl Gucci being a backseat driver!

So Bernie and I had lotsa fun in the backyard. It's not fenced but Bernie is good off leash and I had my 25' retractable so we were good to go! We had fun doing boxer bullets [aka zoomies] and play biting and having a high jump contest to see who could grab the frisbee from the hoomans' hands. Next time we'll get a video of it!

I'd say it was a very pawesome day. Here's the end results [photos taken on Mom's yucky camera phone].

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Soooo...remember how I gave a paward to the new boxerboy blogger on the block, Rocky? WELL it turns out that Rocky's blog was fake and that MY VERY OWN UNCLE ERIK didn't want Mom and I to think he had rescued a pupster so he made a blog.


Friday night I was hanging out with Mom and Uncle Erik came over and was like, "Bring Gucci upstairs I have something in my car I don't want her to see!" Mom was super confused so her and I just sat in the front window and GUESS WHO JUMPED OUT OF THE CAR??!?

He is lazy just like me!

And he has l'il friends just like me!!

He's a British bred boxerboy who was rescued after his hooman went AWOL from the Army. He's brindled and has cute socks and is all flashy 'n stuff. He's three like me and his birthday is eight days after mine. I'M HIS BIG SIS!! I don't like sharing my hoomans and their houses with him but we had lotsa fun playing together and going on walks together, see for yourself!!

Also we took him to the vet [different from mine] and the crazy vet tech thought I only weighed 40 LBS!!! Pffft c'mon lady, I'm a svelte 63.0! Bernie's a lean 70lbs. He needs to put on some weight. He's soo skinny!!