Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm settling in.

So I'm totally loving my new apartment. There are tons of paths and trails and lakes and things here. I've met lots of reallllllly cute l'il kiddo hoomans. Like this morning, I was walkin' with Mom and a family was walking their dog. The l'il boy hooman was so cute so I decided not to try boxing their lab.

The l'il boy is petting me and petting me and petting me.
Then kiddo says, "HEHEHE SHE LOOKS LIKE A COW!"
The Dad asks, "What did you say buddy?"
The kiddo says, "I saaaaaaid she looks like a cow."

Then I boxed the lab for a few seconds and we kept on walking.


I know I'm on a diet 'n all but I've lost a lot of weight running up and down the THREE FLIGHTS of stairs and getting half as much food as I used to [rescue/vets orders- not Mom's idea].

Really though...I don't look like a I??

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm not lost!

Mom and I are in the process of moving. Alsooo...blogger is kinda tough, to use, sometimes. I've got a page on facebook now and you can find it by clicking right here!!

So now you don't hafta be all super sneaky and log out of your hooman's stuff just to comment on my blog and whatnot. You can just hack into their facebook. Hehehehe. I ♥ being sneaky.

Anyways, moving is super stressing me out (Mom too). Any tips on how to help me adjust to my new apartment?? I'll be the only pupster living there!! I HAVEN'T EVER BEEN THE ONLY PUPSTER LIVING SOMEWHERE!!!

I miss you guys.
Hopefully I'll be back to blogging regularly soonish.